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we believe in fruits and veggies

A plant-rich diet is the key to a healthy future for people and planet.

bag with kencko packets and bottle

putting five-a-day within reach

In Japan, where people live longer than anywhere else, ‘kencko’ means health. We know that people who eat healthy diets have longer lifespans, with lower risk of chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and obesity. However, just 1 in 10 US adults reach the five-a-day federal recommended cups of fruits and vegetables. Our products make it simple to get your daily dose.

healthy food, healthy planet

Our global food system is rotten. Every year, up to 50% of the fruits and vegetables we grow are wasted, resulting in more greenhouse gas emissions than most countries. By capturing all the nutrients of fresh produce in a shelf-stable product, kencko puts fruits and veggies on standby until you need them. Our products are designed for maximum nutrition, minimum waste.

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kencko founders Ricardo Vice and Tomas Froes

building a smarter food industry

Ricardo Vice Santos and Tomás Froes founded kencko with a simple mission: to help people eat more organic fruits and vegetables. With a wealth of international start-up experience in foodtech, DTC/subscription brands and a shared passion for sustainability and wellness, they are building a nutrition-led, smart food company that cuts waste and helps people eat well and live well.

creating change, together

We’re a diverse group of individuals, passionate about making the world a happier, healthier and more delicious place. Here are the kencko team’s ten favorite ways to feel healthy in mind and body.

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spending time with loved ones


being in nature

halter exercise


cooking pot

cooking and eating great food

person meditating

yoga and meditation


taking care of animals and plants


dancing and listening to music


reading a good book

surf board


foot fins

climbing and diving

want to be part of it?

From Brooklyn to Lisbon, we bring together six nationalities, speaking more than ten languages - and eating all kinds of healthy diets!

As a fast-growing startup we’re always hungry for fresh talent. Are you great collaborator with a passion for finding innovative, sustainable solutions?